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Our resort is nestled in the heart of nature, surrounded by majestic wild horses that roam freely in the area. These magnificent creatures are a sight to behold, and guests have the unique opportunity to witness them in their natural habitat during their stay with us.


The wild horses that frequent our park are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also incredibly friendly. They often meander through the grounds, grazing peacefully and enchanting visitors with their graceful presence. As you relax in your RV or explore the park's amenities, you may catch glimpses of these stunning creatures as they go about their day.


One fascinating fact about wild horses is that they can run at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest land animals in North America. Their hooves are hard and durable, adapted for traversing various terrains, from rugged mountains to sandy beaches. These resilient animals have remained a symbol of freedom throughout history, capturing the hearts of all who encounter them.


At Blue Heron RV Park, we invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and experience the wonder of wild horses. Whether you're an avid nature enthusiast or simply looking for a tranquil getaway, our resort offers the perfect setting to reconnect with the natural world and create lasting memories. Witness their majestic and graceful auras and untamed spirit as you unwind in this luxurious oasis surrounded by nature's wonders. Book your stay today and embark on a journey of discovery and adventure at the Blue Heron RV Park.

The horses that visit Blue Heron RV Park roam around at their own will and often visit the park.

Please follow these Do's and Don’ts to maintain your safety and the safety of these beautiful horses so that they can continue to be free and appreciated without being interfered in their natural habitat.



  • Respect the personal space of the horses  

  • Bring a camera and binoculars

  • Have a great time, and share your experiences and photos

  • Enjoy their beauty and natural behaviors from a safe distance

  • Ask questions; our staff is happy to offer their experience and insights


  • Don’t try to touch or feed wild horses.

  • Don't stand behind them!

  • Don’t get too close or between horses, especially mares and their babies

  • Don’t allow dogs to run loose in the vicinity of horses

  • Don’t allow children unattended in the vicinity of horses

  • Don’t make loud noises or sudden movements that can spook horses

  • Don’t fly drones near horses

Drawing of mare and her baby at Blue Heron RV Park
Drawing of mare and her baby at Blue Heron RV Park


Come out and try your luck!

Sport fishing is popular on the Klamath River, with salmon and steelhead trout being the most popular. The Klamath is one of the most productive steelhead rivers on the West Coast of the USA.

Beginning in late summer, great migrations of King Salmon (Chinook) make their way up the Klamath River back to their place of origin to lay their own eggs to complete the circle of life. Steelhead trout move upriver in the Fall, just after Salmon, to spawn. In the Spring, they make their way back downriver to the Pacific.

Need a Shuttle?

  • Call 530 475-3270

  • Licensed & Insured.

  • Call us for Shuttle Fees

Fishing Guides:


  • Klamath River: Open all year

  • Please only barbless hooks from Iron Gate Dam to the ocean.

  • Before you get your line wet in the Klamath River, you will need a steelhead report card, a salmon card,                                                                            and your license.



Flying bird various view collection set
Flying bird various view collection set
Flying bird various view collection set
Sketch of mountains
Flying bird various view collection set_


Enjoy boating, bird watching, fishing, photography. You may see deer, wild horses, otters, fish, turtles and all kinds of wildlife! Wildlife is everywhere, from the soaring osprey and the majestic blue heron to otters playing in the shallows and graceful deer pausing to drink the cool waters . . .


Siskiyou County is located in inland northern California, adjacent to the Oregon border. As the fifth largest county in California by area, Siskiyou County features spectacular natural beauty and scenic cities and towns, including Yreka–the County Seat, Mt. Shasta, Weed, Dunsmuir, McCloud, and Tulelake as well as Butte Valley, Scott Valley, Shasta Valley, and the Klamath River Corridor.


Immerse yourself in the diverse wildlife of Siskiyou County, where birdwatching opportunities abound at the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, and Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The area is also home to the Mt. Shasta Audubon Society and the Southern Oregon Audubon Society, offering ample birdwatching opportunities for enthusiasts.


Embark on leisurely hikes or equestrian trails in the surrounding area, exploring the natural wonders that Siskiyou County has to offer. With all of these activities available just steps away from Blue Heron RV Park, your stay promises to be filled with adventure and relaxation in equal measure.


Ask about the many trails near Blue Heron RV Park! Here are some or our favorites:

  • Pacific Crest Trail, Ashland​ (21.6 miles)

  • Pilot Rock, Ashland (22.2 miles)

  • Greenhorn Park Reservoir Trail (24.2 miles)


Sketch of Topology Map



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