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Driving on I-5:

We can be reached at exit 789 off Interstate 5 in northern California.
The exit is 9 miles south of the California/Oregon border and 13 miles north of exit 776 at Yreka, California.


When you reach exit 789, follow the signs. Keep the river on your right for about 6 miles.

Ashland, Oregon is 25 miles north of us on Interstate 5.

GPS Co-Ordinates:

RV Park – Centerline of driveway at Copco Road

Latitude: 410 55.06′  (Degrees-Minutes-Decimal Minutes)

West Longitude: 1220 27.55′ (Degrees-Minutes-Decimal Minutes)

Elevation: 2178 (Feet)



  • This property is privately owned.  I accept camping privileges with the understanding that I am entering into a contract with Blue Heron RV Park (“Campground”), binding me, my immediate family, and any guests I may have to the following terms and conditions:

  • Check In Time: 12:00 PM

  • Check Out Time: 11:00 AM - Late check out $20.00 fee upon management approval.

  • Quiet Hours: 10:00 PM - 8:00 AM - No unnecessary loud noise, TV, Radios, etc.

  • Speed Limit: 5 Miles per hour - PLEASE be considerate of children and pets.

  • RESERVED SITES: Management reserves the right to change your assigned site if necessary. We will attempt to keep you in your reserved site and to notify you of any change, but we cannot guarantee the site number.

  • Site Occupancy is limited to 1 RV and 1 Vehicle. RV occupancy is limited to 2 adults and 4 children. Overnight guests must register with the office and pay applicable fees. Any additional vehicles must be registered with the office and will be assigned a designated parking spot and pay applicable fees.

  • Site Maintenance: You must keep your site neat and clean. For safety reasons, clotheslines are not allowed at our RV park. Please do not hang towels, clothing, or other articles on our trees. Our laundry facility has washing machines and dryers for your convenience. Do not leave trash outside overnight, it will attract unwanted critters. All trash can be disposed of across from the restroom facility.

  • WI-FI: We have WIFI throughout the park, but the cell phone service is not always dependable, so it is IMPORTANT to set your cell phones to WIFI CALLING before your arrival. Upgraded WIFI is also available for a minimal charge.

  • Children: Adults are responsible for the supervision for the children that are staying with them. Children are not allowed near the irrigation pond at the end of the park. Children are not allowed in the laundry facility without an adult.

  • PETS: It is the responsibility of the pet owner to keep their pets on a leash or tie out at ALL TIMES. Pets are not allowed to be left unattended at your site or inside your RV at any time. We ask that you PLEASE clean up after your pets. There are 2 dog stations available for your use. We also have a dog park available for large and small dogs.


  • Restroom & Laundry facility is open 24-7. Do not put trash in the toilets. No pets are allowed in the facility with the exception of registered service animals.

  • CAMPFIRES: Open wood fires are not allowed. Gas fire pits placed on your concrete pad is acceptable. No BBQs, grills or cooking stoves are allowed to be placed on the picnic table.

  • Extra Adults: 16 years of age or older - $5.00 per day.

  • Extra Vehicle: Must be registered with the office - $5.00 per day.

  • Pets: Must be registered with the office - $2.00 per day per pet.

  • Tents that are with your RV must be placed on the concrete pad - $10.00 per day.

  • Shuttle Service: $45.00 (guest pays $30.00) - you must have your own float device.

  • The Campground will not be responsible for fire, accidents, power surges, or loss of personal property/valuables of any kind. Guests accept site rental privileges with the understanding that they are responsible for their own and their children's safety. Use of surge protection is recommended.

  • Experience Wild Horses*

  • Learn and Support Wild Horses

  • *Wild horses come and go as they please at our RV Park. As such, we cannot guarantee they will be in or immediately around our RV Park at any given time. However, their core habitat is just a few miles up Copco Road from our RV Park, and they are often seen from Copco Road in the area of Iron Gate Lake. Please ask about our local guide services. Thank You!

  • WILD HORSES:  While the Campground does not own, keep or control wild horses, they regularly visit the property.  You agree that you have read the “Wild Horse Encounters – “Do’s and Don’ts” on the Campground bulletin board, and understand that wild horses can without warning (or any apparent reason) buck, stumble, fall, rear, bite, kick, run, make unpredictable movements, spook, jump over obstacles, and/or trample, push or shove a person, which may result in serious personally injury or death and/or damage personal property, including vehicles and RVs.  APPROACHING WILD HORSES IS AN INHERENTLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY AND INVOLVES RISKS THAT MAY CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY AND IN SOME CASES DEATH, and you agree that you, your family and guests are assuming any and all risks, howsoever caused, associated with the presence of wild animals on the property. 

  • RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION.  You agree to release the Campground and its owners, officers, employees, agents, consultants and landlord (“Campground Parties”) of all liability for loss or damage to property and personal injury arising in connection with your use of the Campground, howsoever caused, whether or not caused by the negligence of such persons, active or passive, including but not limited to injuries resulting from wild horses, interactions with other wild animals or guests, and interactions with Campground facilities and bodies of water on or adjacent to the Campground.  You further agree to indemnify the Campground Parties against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or personal injury, howsoever caused, whether by your own conduct or negligence of a Campground Party.  To the maximum extent permitted by law, this release of liability and promise to indemnify is intended to cover conduct by or damages to any member of your family or guest of yours.

  • Management reserves the right to evict anyone who refuses to comply with
    the Campground rules and regulations, set forth as the terms and conditions of this contract.

  • By signing, you confirm that you have read and understood this agreement and are signing to bind yourself, your family, and any guests you may invite, including any minor children in your care, custody or control.


  • We can be reached at exit 789 off Interstate 5 in Northern California. The exit is 9 miles south of the California/Oregon border and 13 miles north of exit 776 at Yreka, California. When you reach exit 789, follow the signs. Keep the river on your right for 6 miles. Ashland, Oregon is 25 miles north of us on Interstate 5.


  • 15 days or more notice = 10% Cancellation fee / 90% refund

  • 4-14 days notice = 50% Cancellation fee / 50% refund

  • 72 hours or less = 100% Cancellation fee / NO REFUND





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