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Camp Hosting is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy full-time RV living! It’s a win-win opportunity for everyone included and the main focus is making sure campers have an enjoyable experience.  


A Camp Host (or campground host) at Blue Heron RV Park is a RVer who lives on-site and provides services to the campground’s guests to ensure they have an enjoyable stay, and work in exchange for a free RV site and the campsite comes at absolutely no charge (electricity, water and sewer) with free WiFi. You must be able to live onsite and have your own RV. 


Camp hosting duties could be any combination of tasks ranging from cleaning restrooms to administrative duties. 

The idea of being a Campground Host is that you put it a few hours of work a day and in return, you get a free stay at Blue Heron RV Park. 

Your work schedule is usually quite flexible allowing for couples to work either opposite shifts or same shifts and most always have the same days off. 


Camp Hosts can do anything from actually running our small campground to working at the office, helping with site clean-up, spending a few hours doing administrative work, collecting fees, working on special projects, park tours, or even maintenance if you have the experience. 


  • Cleaning campsites after guests have checked out.

  • Maintaining clean restrooms and shower houses for all guests to use during their stay. 

  • Checking campers in and out. 

  • Collecting camping fees for unpaid reservations or walk ups.

  • Answering questions and providing information to guests about the campsites, campground, amenities, activities and the surrounding area.

  • Helping guests with issues that arise during their stay. 

  • Patrolling the campground to ensure all guests are complying with the rules and regulations set by the campground. 

  • Emptying trashcans and picking up trash throughout the campground. 

  • Fixing and providing small repairs where needed throughout the campground. 

  • Lawn mowing and weed eating. 

  • Planting flowers and removing weeds in flower beds and along roadways.        

Below are the terms that our hosts, managers and owners follow the guidelines at our Park, that gives us a 5 Star ratings in Northern California:

You will be working a 5 day on 5 day off schedule shared with the other camp hosts. We are asking for at least 3 to 5 hours each of work day on your on days. There should be plenty for you to do, we try to keep a master list going. If you work yourself out of tasks please check with the Managers. We always have more projects!! Winter is our slow time of the year, there will be days that we won't have enough work to fulfill your time. This is acceptable being that once we start getting busy there may be days that will require more of your time. In the end it all balances out. Please note that we do not count checking in guests as part of your work/project hours. 

The following is a list of regular weekly tasks. 

  • Clean Restrooms and laundry room daily at 7:00am (should take 1 hour, longer if needed) Sweep around the building and use water hose if there are bird droppings. 

  • Clean up after the wild horses! Horse manure can be disposed of in the compost pile. 

  • Clean up any dog feces you may come across and check both dog stations, replace the disposal bag if needed. 

  • Keep the park free of litter. 

  • Clean all departure sites and arrival sites, this should be done before arrivals. Sweep or use water hose if needed.                                                               Breakers should be in the off position. Sites that have the WIFI repeaters need to be left on. 

  • Mowing, weed eating, and edging on specific days. 

  • Watering all of the pots and rock planters. (seasonal) 

  • Blow off the park roads and sites as needed. 

  • Rake leaves and place in compost pile as needed. (seasonal) 

  • Keep the rock planters and rock ends at the sites free of weeds. 

  • Tuesday is trash day, please make sure all trash is collected and put in dumpster in the morning, always check the                                                                            shop and office for trash. 

  • If you are working in the office, on your last day of your shift you will need to sweep, dust and mop. 

  • We ask you to PLEASE keep a neat and tidy campsite ! No mess outside of your rig please! We want our guests to                                                                                come into a beautiful and clean park ! 

  • SMOKING: While on duty, smoking is not permitted within the RV Park or while driving golf cart throughout the park.                                                                                You can smoke in designated areas. You are more than welcome to take smoke breaks at the shed or at your own site.                                                                      We want to portray a professional and respectful look with our guests. 


Keep in mind that the sites need to be cleaned daily before arrivals and after departures.

Check out is 11:00 and Check in is 12:00. If you run out of things to do, check with the Managers.

Let the Managers know if you have any walk ins or no shows. Please see walk in instructions.

This park is your home away from home. "We call it a Hidden Gem", come experience this unique RV Park. 

Blue Heron Camp Host Sign



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